Depending on the material and quantity of your order, we have suppliers in Vietnam, India, China, and Europe who can meet all your requirements. We would prefer to have production of as many products as possible closer to us, but the price for a product significantly increases the closer we get to Europe - even though shipping costs are high. Re-bag's task is to offer a range of options regarding standards and certifications for ethics, chemistry, circular design, recycling, and recycled materials, so your products match your standards for ethics, environment, chemistry, etc.

At Re-bag®, we have a close collaboration with our suppliers. We build relationships, set requirements, exchange ideas, and develop the suppliers who wish to be our partners.


  • Sustainable Production: All suppliers must demonstrate that their production processes minimize environmental impacts, promote efficient resource use, and reduce waste.

  • Working conditions & Equality:
    Suppliers must ensure that all employees work under safe and fair conditions where their rights are respected and promoted. This should include proper wages and working conditions and no child labor.

  • Partnerships for Sustainability: We expect our suppliers not only to comply with these requirements internally, but also to promote sustainability throughout their supply chain.

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Working conditions

"We have chosen a direct approach to women's empowerment rather than seeking public support designed for women's groups. For us, it is not a question of acting as a charity; we are a competitive global company. But it also means that we take our ethical responsibilities seriously, both for our employees and in the wider context." - Mr. Venkatesh, Founder and Head

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Quality control

Our suppliers have a strong focus on quality control, and it is something they take very seriously. The suppliers' farmers are the ones who have the closest contact with the raw materials, and therefore have the final say in the quality of the final product. This ensures that those who produce the raw materials also have an influence on the result.

In the end, a bag from us is not just a product; it represents our commitment to ethical and sustainable values. It's not just about adhering to the law, but also about being true to our own conscience context. – Mr. Venkatesh, founder and leader
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Great diversity of suppliers

At Re-bag ® we have a lot of different suppliers, each with their own top skills. This ensures that we can meet our partners' wishes for quality, delivery, and price.

Contribution to new plating of trees

"We go even further by actively participating in tree planting initiatives and in providing saplings to the community. These efforts are part of our ongoing commitment to strengthen our surrounding environment and play a positive role in the fight against climate change." - Mr. Venkatesh, Founder and Head.

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