Our production locations and activities

Depending on which material and how many units you order, we have suppliers in Vietnam, India, China, and Europe.

We would like to have the production of as many products as possible closer to us, but the price of a product becomes significantly more expensive to produce, the closer we get to Europe - even if the freight prices are high.

Re-bag's task is to be able to offer you as a customer several options regarding standards and certifications for ethics, chemistry, circular design, recycling, recycled materials so that your products match your standards for ethics, environment, chemistry, etc.

We make our knowledge and certifications available, and you decide under which standards and certifications your products must be produced.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

When you buy a bag or box from us, you can get a Life Cycle Assessment for your product. This means that you get an assessment of what your products from Re-bag ® have "cost" in, for example, CO2. Some companies report data in Scope 3, and here data from an LCA is relevant.


Re-bag ® works to improve the working conditions in the factories we use in relation to our code of ethics (Code of Conduct) and the international standard Amfori/BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative).

We offer:

The Nordic Ecolabel (cotton products)
GOTS (Organic Cotton)
Vincotte (Recycled plastics)
Fairtrade (cotton products)


Quality control

For all our products, a quality check is carried out before shipping the goods in accordance with the International Standard AQL - Acceptance Quality Limit.