At Re-bag®, we are constantly working to find new environmentally friendly materials that we can use in our production of bags and packaging. We are convinced that by producing through environmentally friendly practices, we ensure a healthy and sustainable business for the future. To ensure that the materials meet our requirements for competence and quality, we work based on several CSR parameters when validating the material.


The SDGs in Re-bag ®

At Re-bag®, we emphasize being transparent and specific about our work with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. You can learn more about which goals we focus on and how we work on them.

Life cycle assessment (LCA)

At Re-bag®, we have engaged in life cycle assessment (LCA) for our products since 2012. In collaboration with the GTS Institute, Re-bag ® has developed a model that enables our customers to be transparent concerning the traceability of their product's CO2 footprint. The model must be continuously maintained to ensure its accuracy. The model was last updated in 2023.

With an LCA report, your company can obtain environmental data that can be used directly in your Scope 3 reporting as well as in branding and marketing activities.