Our GOTS (Global Organic Textile) Standard certification is another important tool in Re-bags accountability toolbox. Supported by an ever-increasing demand for organic textile fibers, as well as the textile industries and retailers' demand for a uniform and internationally recognized organic certification scheme, GOTS is today the internationally leading organic certification mark within the textile industry and among retailers. From the first organic seed-sowing and harvesting, to a responsible environmental refinement, the process is controlled by GOTS. This is to ensure that consumers have quality assurance at the highest level.


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When you choose a product with the Swan label, you are helping to reduce the environmental impact - and you can be sure that it is among the environmentally best in its category. The Nordic Ecolabel is an obvious tool for promoting a circular economy.

The Public Procurement Act gives public purchasers the opportunity to make demands on the brands, and consumer awareness of the brands is high. There is thus every reason to see the Nordic Ecolabel as part of the solution to the planet's problems.

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Re-bag® is Fairtrade certified, which means we can produce Fairtrade cotton bags and Organic Fairtrade cotton bags. Contact us for further information and read about Fairtrade below.

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Re-bag® holds two Vincotte certifications:

"Foody-bag" certification allows the storage of dry foods without the risk of migration from the bag material.
Bags made from 45-91% recycled plastic.

Re-bag® is one of the few in Europe that can supply these Vincotte-certified products. The certifications comply with the EU standard EN 15343 on traceability of recycled materials. Support the environment by choosing a PP bag with Vincotte certification. Contact us for more information.

Since 1960, Denmark has been a leader in the recycling and energy utilization of plastics. However, incineration of plastic results in large CO2 emissions. Recycling 1 kilo of plastic reduces CO2 emissions by 4 kilos. Although Denmark recycles 34% of plastic waste, the country is behind some EU countries such as Germany and Spain. The goal is to recycle at least 50% of household waste by 2022.

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Climate Care

Climate Care works for climate-promoting projects. By paying a small extra price for your products (the extra price goes 100% to Climate Care) you help support climate-promoting projects around the world. You get a certificate that can be used in your own communication and marketing.

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In the spring of 2023, we have become FSC certified (FSC-C189309). So, our traceability is now via this certification on paper bags, chopsticks, boxes, etc.

20 forest properties and over 1000 Danish companies/units are FSC-certified today. FSC certification is a guarantee and provides documentation that we use our forests in a responsible way. With FSC, both forest owners and companies contribute to ensuring healthy forests that are full of life for the benefit of current and future generations.


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Re-bag® systematically collaborates with its suppliers to ensure the best possible safety and health for the workers in the factories, avoiding child labor, corruption, and much more. At Re-bag®, we believe that good business and high quality are based on satisfied customers, happy employees and suppliers, and a clean environment.