About Re-bag

Who are we?

Re-bag A/S was founded in 1999 in Copenhagen. We design, develop, and produce bags, boxes and other packaging for leading brands within a wide range of industries primarily for customers in Europe. Our focus is on producing products that can be reused many times and preferably in recycled material.


Our creativity, when it comes to developing new products, designs, concepts, and materials, has been one of the keys to our success over the years. We are happy to come up with design proposals for your new products.

Meet us

Our door is always open, so you are very welcome to stop by. In the office there is the opportunity to see and feel samples of all our produced products. Maybe that inspiration is what you are missing.

Address: Kollegievej 6a, 2920 Charlottenlund
tel.: +45 33130260
e-mail: re-bag@re-bag.com

Should we be your packaging supplier?
Here are at least 4 good reasons to choose us
Frictionless collaboration process
We take our partner by the hand and ensure high quality throughout the entire process. We are flexible in design and development to meet wishes and dreams. We are capable of delivery and have 20 years of experience with production distributed in both Europe and Asia.
High quality and competitive prices
We deliver the highest quality in environmentally friendly products, with a wide range of certifications. At the same time, we adapt our products' environmental profile so that they match the wishes of our partners. That way, we can be competitive on price or be your best sustainable business partner.
Green data for your accounts and CSR profile
Our cooperation suppliers are all chosen based on criteria that ensure they can deliver reports on production and match our requirements for CSR. Thus, our green data is fair to our entire supply chain.
We prepare LCA reports on our production that you can utilize when establishing collaboration
Trend conscious packaging for many different industries
Whether your customers are B2B or B2C, we can deliver products that are adapted to your target group. Over the years, we have produced and developed packaging solutions for both designer brands and retail chains. So, whether the trend is a modern design with sustainable materials or some essential functionalities, we can help you.

Our values


At Re-bag ® we are deeply committed to providing environmentally friendly products in response to our customers' growing concern for the environment.


Through our Amfori/BSCI commitment and two decades of experience with production in Europe and Asia, we deliver design packaging where innovation, quality and CSR are balanced with competitive prices.


Although we emphasize these values, we always respect our customers' final decision.

We love talking to you and about your wishes and dreams for products

Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us on +45 3313 0260 or fill in the contact form so that we can catch you. It is completely non-binding and free.