Velor: Function and beauty in combination


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In the delicate balance between luxury and functionality, velor shines through as a material without equal. In an age where both design and usability are of utmost importance, velor has found its natural place, exciting both producers and consumers with its elegance and practicality.

What is Velor?

Velor is a soft, plush textile that resembles velvet but is lighter in weight. Known for its deep luster and rich texture, it is often made from cotton or synthetic fibers, making it both comfortable and durable. With its smooth surface and sumptuous feel, velor has a long history as a material of choice for clothing, furniture and now packaging. Its dense, soft threads provide a depth and aesthetic that is hard to match, while protecting what it encloses.


While velor was previously reserved for luxury products, it has found its place in modern packaging, especially in high-end products and brands. Its ability to add a sense of luxury makes it a favorite of branding experts looking to create an unforgettable customer experience.

Sustainable properties of Velor:

Depending on how velor is made, it can have a number of sustainable properties. When based on cotton, it can be biodegradable, and when made from recycled materials, it can play a role in a circular economy.


What are the benefits of Velor?

Aesthetics: Velor adds a rich and luxurious feel to the packaging.

Protection: Its soft surface is ideal for protecting delicate products.

Branding: Highlights premium products and brands.

Versatility: Fits a wide range of products from jewelry to tech gadgets.

Velor represents the ultimate choice for companies that want to combine beauty with function. With its unique combination of elegance and practicality, velor will continue to be at the forefront for brands looking to make a lasting impression on their customers.

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