Cardboard: Nature's answer to sustainable packaging

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At a time when the well-being of the planet is at the top of the agenda, cardboard has become an indispensable hero in the world of packaging. With its natural origin and renewable properties, cardboard is not only a practical solution for companies, but also a gentle method for the environment.

What is cardboard?

Cardboard is a material made from cellulose fibres, which are often extracted from wood. It is characterized by its light weight, flexibility and the possibility of being shaped into a wide range of products. From packaging and writing paper to books and magazines, cardboard has been an integral part of our daily lives for centuries.


With increasing focus on environmentally friendly packaging and reducing plastic pollution, many companies are turning to cardboard as a sustainable solution. Paper-based packaging, especially recyclable and biodegradable, is becoming a standard in many sectors, from food to technology.

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Sustainable properties of cardboard:

Cardboard, especially when made from recycled materials or sustainable forestry, has a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to many other packaging materials. It is biodegradable and its recycling rate is one of the highest among packaging materials, contributing to a circular economy.

What are the benefits of cardboard?

Sustainability: Made from renewable resources and is easily recyclable.

Adaptability: Can be tailored to different shapes, sizes and pressures.

Cost effectiveness: Often cheaper than many other packaging alternatives. Light Weight: Reduces transport costs and CO2 emissions.

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Cardboard represents a future for the packaging industry, where functionality, design and sustainability harmoniously go hand in hand. As companies continue to take environmental responsibility seriously, cardboard remains a trusted and sustainable ally in this mission.

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